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English Language Learning Program

Loyola’s ESL program

Mission and Goals

English Language Learning Program (ELLP)

Our mission in the English Language Learning Program (ELLP) at Loyola University Chicago is to help students from all over the world to achieve their personal and academic goals by providing high-quality, individualized English language instruction in a small-classroom setting and warm, welcoming, inclusive, and friendly cultural environment, while also bringing valuable and diverse international student perspectives to the University.
The program’s purposes and goals are:
For Students:
  • Provide superior English language training to help students acquire the skills necessary to achieve their goals
  • Foster cultural competence for our students' success in the U.S. cultural setting
  • Guide learners in their cultural adjustment within a professional, respectful, and supportive environment
  • Enable English Language Learners (ELLs) to feel confident in learning and using the English language
  • Emphasize and facilitate the growth of critical thinking skills for Loyola ELLP students 
  • Encourage and promote independent learning outside of the classroom
  • Provide in-depth training in research skills for student success in a degree-seeking program
  • Promote the cosistent use of English both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Determine level progression and completion of the ELLP so that students may transition into academic work
Beyond the Classroom:
  • Support the profession of TESOL and contribute to knowledge in the field by working with committed professional faculty
  • Serve as a campus resource for TESOL-related issues
  • Support the university’s various international initiatives with English language training and cultural expertise
  • Uphold the ethical and academic standards of Loyola University and the TESOL profession