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Faculty Council

Nominations for the Faculty Member of the Year

Nomination Form

Information Needed                              
Name of Candidate:  
Academic Rank:  
Faculty Sponsor:  
Department of Faculty
Complete synopsis on
reasons for nomination
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Nominators are responsible for submitting the following materials by May 15 to Michael P. Dentato, Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee at mdentato@luc.edu.

  • Nomination form
  • One-page statement of support for the nominee
  • The candidate’s curriculum vita
  • One-page statement from the candidate on how he/she perceives their role as a Loyola faculty member
  • Letter of support from a University colleague commenting, for example, on the collegiality of the candidate, his/her impact on the University, and/or other outstanding personal characteristics
  • Outside letter of support commenting on the significance of the candidate’s research