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Welcome to First and Second Year Advising

First and Second Year Advising serves the academic advising and support needs of students at Loyola University Chicago through the first two years of their college experience.  We provide students with advising services and referrals to our campus partners that contribute to a successful transition from high school to college and to our students’ holistic development, in line with our Jesuit, Catholic mission and Cura Personalis.  We support and challenge our students in their pursuits of excellence and Magis, and guide them toward the completion of their academic goals and attainment of a degree in a timely manner. 

To find out who your advisor is, simply log into LOCUS and click on "Student Center."

To schedule an appointment with your advisor:

  • Please email your academic advisor.

You may have a number of advisors at Loyola, such as an academic advisor, faculty advisor(s), and pre-professional advisors for experiential learning opportunities. Your assigned academic and faculty advisor(s) can be viewed under your "Student Center". 

Academic Advisors meet enrolled undergraduate student's administrative and educational needs related to course enrollment, academic success and a timely degree completion. Academic Advisors complement your faculty advisors. Faculty advisors are expert instructors and advisors in your major field, advising on numerous topics such as research opportunities, major-related internship opportunities, independent studies, major-related career options, graduate and professional school exploration.

You may contact your advisor directly with their contact information listed in LOCUS. to view your academic advisor and, if assigned, your faculty advisor's contact information. Contact our office if you have questions at 773.508.7714 during regular office hours.

Depending upon your school or college, you may have a faculty advisor assigned by the department in which you declare your major. Your academic advisor is assigned by First and Second Year Advising for your first two years and will be your UNIV 101 instructor your first-term at Loyola. After your sophomore year you will be re-assigned an academic advisor in your school or college until graduation.