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Registering For Your First Semester

Each incoming student will receive a “Register for Your Fall Classes” email with their specific time and date for registration access. Please know that in order to fully register for proper courses incoming students must complete all the steps needed in the correct order. Students can be well prepared by completing steps 1-4 early but have to be completed prior to your assigned registration access time. 

Step 1: Review the Technology Roadmap  

This process will show you how to actually sign up for classes using LOCUS (Loyola’s course registration system). 

Step 2: Finalize any placement you must complete for math, writing, and foreign language


In some cases, this may require you to submit test scores or transcripts, in other cases you may need to take a placement test. Visit your Student Portal to confirm which placement tests apply to you. Take care of these right away if you haven’t already done so, or you may not be able to register for the classes you need! 

Step 3: Claiming and understanding college credit, if you are bringing credits into LUC  

If you have AP or IB exam scores (pending or final)

or if you have dual credit (college credit you completed while in high school), gather all this information and see what Loyola classes you have fulfilled. Please take a few minutes to watch these videos. We know you might be waiting on final scores and grades- that's okay! 

Step 4: Determine if you are in a special program that impacts your courses  

If you are in any of the groups listed below, please click to learn more about certain course requirements you have as part of your registration

  • I am a Cristo Rey, Greer, Riverville, or Senn Scholar
  • I am a Dance major
  • I am an Engineering major 
  • I am in a Living-Learning Community 
  • I am in the Rambler Success Program 
  • I am in a Student Diversity and Multicultural Affairs (SDMA) Mentorship Program

Please note the majority of Loyola incoming students are not a part of these programs and that is normal. 

Step 5: Registering for your specific classes at an assigned date/time - Remember: You cannot actually register before Monday morning or after Friday at 12 noon Central. 

Here we go! Log into LOCUS and then...

Step 6: Finished Registering? Double-check to make sure...  

  • You registered for between 14-17 credits, in accordance with the First-Year Registration Guide 
  • You correctly accounted for classes that may be satisfied by any AP/IB scores or Dual Credit courses you have completed (or may be on the way)
  • You remembered to register for the corresponding labs if you are in science courses (like biology or chemistry) 
  • You included UNIV 101 to your schedule 
  • You’re happy! Remember you can make changes until Friday at 12 noon.

Step 7: Next steps...  

  • Attend Orientation the week after you register. You will have a chance to speak with an academic advisor about any questions you might have during day 2 of Orientation 
  • Remember to submit those AP scores or Dual Credit transcripts if they are not yet finalized.  This is very important – several problems can arise if you forget.  

Need help?

We get it – there are a lot of steps and rules to follow! Here are some important tips we think will help you navigate the registration process more easily.

Avoid These Common Mistakes By First-Years

  • Enroll as you go by adding one class at a time. Don’t let them sit in your shopping cart and put off enrolling all at once. Course availability changes quickly and you want to enroll immediately. 
  • If you can still see a course in your shopping cart in Locus, you are not actually enrolled in it.
  • Students who have experience with a language should not be in the 101 level. 
  • If you are in a special group, make sure you are registering for the corresponding UNIV 101. If you have questions or no longer want to be in that group, connect with us. 
  • UCLR 100 E,C, L, M – all options for Foundational/Tier 1 Literary Knowledge for CORE
  • Make sure to consider travel time between campus locations, at least 45 minutes to an hour
  • Set your Class Search function to Fall 2022; not a different semester 
  • Can’t enroll in the section of a course you need. Make sure you review the pre-requites and restrictions that are listed in the LOCUS class notes for the course. Example trying to register for CHEM 101 when you are not at MATH 118 placement.
  • Students who are required to take language by their school/college should take the Foreign Language Placement ExamThe exam tells you what course level to enroll in. You still need to take the course. To test out of the language, you would need to look into taking the Language Competency Exam at cost to you. 
  • Want to understand more? Check out the Frequently Asked Question page.