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Student Academic Services

Academic Forms

Throughout your time as a Loyola student you may need to complete one of the below academic forms. It is highly encouraged to schedule an appointment with your advisor to discuss the form and the process

Internal Transfer Application 19-20 
Use this form if you wish to change your major from a major in one school (e.g., College of Arts and Sciences) to a major in a different school (e.g., Quinlan School of Business).

Use this form if you wish to declare two majors in two different schools (e.g., a major in the College of Arts & Sciences and another major in the Quinlan School of Business).

Discontinue_College-School_by_Multiple-Degree_Students (PDF) 
Use this form if you are currently enrolled in multiple schools (e.g., CAS and‌ Quinlan School of Business, or CAS and‌ SOE) and wish to discontinue one of the school's major/program.

Appeal to Register for Over 18 Hours Form
Use this form if you are appealing to take more than 18 credits in a semester.

New Freshmen Transfer Credit (PDF)
Use this form to transfer dual enrollment and AP credit into Loyola as an incoming student

Appeal to Take Courses Elsewhere (PDF)
Use this form to ask permission to take classes at another college or university over the summer. Please note you will need FSYA, and possibly major department, approval in order to get credit for classes for your major. No Core classes will be approved to be taken elsewhere.


Notice of Intent to Withdraw From the University (PDF)
Use this form to initiate a complete withdrawal from the university. Additional information about completing a total withdrawal from the University is available at https://www.luc.edu/regrec/total_withdrawal.shtml.