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Since Orientation has finished, our team of First and Second year advisors are working diligently to review every student’s fall semester schedule. If we locate a cause of concern/error, we will follow up with students via their Loyola Chicago email address. Our team will also be processing schedule changes requests that were submitted by the deadline of August 12th 

How do I get my question answered? 

  • Long term planning for future semesters, interest in Study Abroad, adding multiple programs or other questions/interests outside of Fall 2022? Be prepared to learn a lot in your University 101 First Year seminar. Each weekly class will have ample time for questions as well as dedicated class periods for in-depth academic planning presentations. 
  • Need support during the first week of classes? Drop into our online all-day Express Advising that maximizes our availability for students. 
  • After the add/drop deadline of Tuesday, September 6th, reach out to your assigned advisor for support or schedule an advising appointment with them. 
  • For all other inquiries regarding support for Fall semester, please email your question to FSYAdvising@luc.edu. Students will have the opportunity to ask further questions during the first week in their University 101 course as well as Express Advising.

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Dual Credit Guidelines

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Seven Tips for Successful Registration

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Registration Basics

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Academic Planning Basics

Each class has a set number of seats available that has been set by the department offering the class. Academic advisors do not have the ability to add you to a course that is listed as closed.

Due to the review of each student’s schedule, our schedule change site is closed. Our team of advisors are reviewing each student’s schedule based on their major and other submitted information. If students have an academic necessary concern, they can connect with our main office. Academic necessity may include: a change of major; new test or dual enrollment course credit; new language, math, or writing placement. Students who desire changes for other reasons can join Express Advising chat on Monday, August 29th for assistance with academic support or changes. This will be the only semester where students will not be able to update their schedules themselves to ensure they are in proper courses. After students successfully complete University 101 where they will learn about academic planning; they will be able to adjust their own courses in the future. Note: Orientation email accounts for our advisors and the schedule change site; close August 12th at 5pm.

Loyola University Chicago will need official score reports and/or transcripts sent from the originating testing board or college/university. Be sure that you request that these reports/transcripts be sent to Loyola University Chicago prior to your Orientation experience; preferably as soon as you received official scores to allow time to be processed.

Students who are planning to take a language course at LUC that they have experience in should take the language placement exam as they cannot enroll in 101 level. The placement of the exam is where students should start in the language ie a student scores into SPAN 103; they still need to take SPAN 103 to meet the language requirement (if their school/college requires it).

Students who are so proficient in a language should consider taking a language competency exam at cost that will waive a language requirement if they pass; no credit is awarded.

Add/Drop Deadline (late and change registration ends)- the last day a student can change/swap a course for another or drop a course without it being a “W” on their official LUC transcript and no GPA impact.

“W” deadline – the last day to drop a course for a “W” that will show on their official transcript but will not impact their GPA. Registration Week- late fall and late spring when students register for the following semester classes.

Check out the Academic Calendar for more information.

If you are looking at course options prior to your registration time and can’t find a seat, you can respond to the registration email for assistance. If you can’t find a seat at the time of your registration, you can go to our Summer Registration Chat for support. Our team members can assist you via live text chat from 1-7PM Central Time Monday through Thursday at www.tinyurl.com/lucregistrationhelp

Students if needed can change their course with no penalty by the add/drop deadline. It is typically the first day of the second week of classes. Students can drop or add courses without a “W” academic mark being placed on their academic transcript. After this date, you can no longer add courses and can only drop for a “W” mark. You can view all of the important dates for the fall semester via the academic calendar.

All classes are assigned a value in credit hours that corresponds to the amount of time you spend in class each week. For example, a class that meets for about three hours a week would be assigned a value of three credit hours. "Credits" and "credit hours" are terms that are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. 

The Core Curriculum expands students' understanding of themselves and the world, reinforces the development of skills, and integrates essential values, through a breadth of learning in the liberal arts and sciences. Click here for more

After starting at LUC, students must take all remaining CORE at Loyola Chicago.  

Read the error message to determine why LOCUS is preventing you from enrolling. Some classes have pre-requisite or co-requisite courses, meaning that you must have already completed or be concurrently enrolled in another class. Some sections of classes or a specific number of seats in a class may be reserved for members of particular student groups like learning communities. If you read the error message and still believe you should be eligible to enroll in the course, connect with us for assistance.

Wondering how you’ll know what classes to take? During each of your semesters at Loyola University Chicago, you will enroll in a mix of classes that fulfill University Core requirements, major requirements, and any additional requirements determined by the college or school where your major is housed. You may also enroll in minor courses if you choose to pursue a minor program.

University Core - The University Core is a curriculum that all undergraduate students must complete. It is designed to expand student's understanding of themselves and the world, to reinforce the development of skills, and to integrate essential values. The University Core consists of ten different knowledge areas and 16 total courses. Undergraduate students will complete these requirements throughout their time at Loyola University Chicago. Depending on your planned major or minor, you may be excused from completing some of the knowledge areas.

Major Requirements - Majors may require from 30 to 86 credits to complete. To find out more about any particular major program’s requirements, visit the program website. Students must complete the requirements for at least one major program to earn an undergraduate degree.

Minor Requirements - Minors are optional programs that usually consist of 18-21 credit requirements. Students may choose to complete one or more minors to develop more specialized knowledge about any particular minor program’s requirements, visit the program website.

College or School Requirements - Each college and school may have additional course requirements that students must complete to earn their undergraduate degree. Many students will be required to demonstrate proficiency in another language, to complete courses identified as writing intensive, and to participate in an engaged learning experience.

Within a particular Core area (there are ten Knowledge Areas), you should plan to complete a Foundational course prior to a Tier 2 course. All students should plan to complete UCWR 110 College Writing Seminar during their first year at Loyola University Chicago (with the exception of students completing the Honors Program).

Academic Support

We recommend focusing on your major and University Core requirements during your first semester. In University 101, your instructor will help you create an academic plan that incorporates all of your course requirements. This is a great time to see how a minor might fit into your plans and declare one if you choose to do so.

This depends on when you make the decision to change your major:

Prior to your orientation experience, you would respond to the “Register for Your Fall Classes” email to officially request to be changed to a new major.

During your orientation experience, you would let an advisor know during the day 2 - Advising & Registration session. They would assist in getting it updated as well as any changes needed to your Fall schedule.

If you have already gone through the registration process and Orientation, you should reach out to our main office to be connected with our advising team. 

If you have not yet registered for your fall courses, please wait until your registration takes place. Many of your questions and concerns will likely be addressed during the registration process. If you have already registered and need urgent advising, please contact the Office of First and Second Year Advising.

Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees typically have more coursework in subjects such as science, math, and technology. Bachelor of Arts (BA) degrees tend to focus more heavily on the arts, humanities and social sciences.

University 101 (UNIV 101) is a mandatory, one credit hour first-year seminar course designed to help students build community with peers and the campus, as well as to help students learn more about how to be academically successful at Loyola. Students enroll in University 101 during their first semester at Loyola University Chicago. Successful completion of the course is a graduation requirement.

Many students who are involved in Living & Learning Communities or various academic and/or mentorship programs will have the opportunity to enroll in sections of University 101 that are tailored to those groups.

Your academic advisor will be assigned once the late and change registration period has ended after the first week of class. You’ll be able to view your assigned advisor in LOCUS.