Loyola University Chicago

Global and International Studies


Internships in Global and International Studies

The Program in Global and International Studies provides the opportunity for students to earn academic credit while interning at organizations both in Chicago and around the world.  Positions are regularly available at a variety of non-profits, for-profits, and government offices including consulates and trade representatives.

Internships allow students to gain valuable work experience and explore an area of professional interest before embarking on a career.  The knowledge and insight that interns gain from and internship experience can help them both search for and land permanent employment.  Many college graduates struggle on the job market not knowing exactly what kind of job they ought to seek.  An internship allows you not only to learn about a particular field, but also to explore the kind of career and job environment best suited to your personality and interests.

Students who are junior or senior GIST majors may enroll in GIST 370 for either 3 or 6-credit hours, and are required to intern for approximately 120 or 240 hours total respectively.  This works out to 8 or 16 hours per week over the course of a typical 15-week semester.  Internships are also available over the summer months and require enrolling in one of the summer sessions.  Only 3 credit hours of the internship course may be applied to the International Studies major/minor, so any student electing to enroll for 6-credits will have 3 hours applied as GIST 370 and 3 hours applied to their transcript as a general university elective, which counts towards the university’s 120 total credit hour requirement for graduation.  Double majors earning 6 credits may elect to split those between INTS and their second major, typically by enrolling jointly in both GIST 370 and, for example, COMM 381/391 or PLSC 370 for 3 credit hours each.   Students participating in the Loyola Washington D.C. program may also seek permission to enroll in three credits of GIST 370 if they are placed in an internationally-oriented internship.  Completing an internship through GIST 370 as a junior or senior satisfies the Capstone experience required of all INTS majors.

The GIST Program maintains an extensive list of organizations offering internship opportunities.  To review this list and discuss your individual situation, please contact the Internship Coordinator.

Students may not self-enroll in GIST 370.  After accepting an internship offer from an approved institution or organization, please contact the INTS internship coordinator, who will then enroll you in GIST 370.  Only GIST majors with junior or senior standing and a GPA of 2.5 or greater may be enrolled in the course.