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Inside Government Events

Over the course of the year, Inside Government will host several events in addition to our weekly meetings.

  • Alumni Meet and Greet—This event takes place during the fall semester. Members, both students and alumni, follow a clock-like pattern around the room in a mini "speed-dating" like event to meet different alumni, practice networking, and find possible mentoring pairs.
  • Etiquette Dinner—This event takes place in the Spring semester. Students and alumni gather together to have a chance to network, meet others, and learn valuable skills in proper dinner etiquette and table talk.
  • Chicago Shadow Day—This event takes place in the fall semester. Members are paired up with a public official in the city of Chicago and shadow him/her for a day. This event is for members only.
  • Mentoring Program—In addition to Inside Government Events, members also have the opportunity to be paired with a mentor that will help guide them through their collegiate career and future goals. Matches will be made during the Spring semester every year, beginning with a kick off dinner For more information please click here, or go to the mentoring tab.
  • Springfield Lobby/Shadow Day—This event takes place in the spring semester and offers members the opportunity to follow an official in our state capitol of Springfield for a day. Students may also be assigned to lobby teams comprised of various university officials. This event is for members only.

If you are interested in attending any of these events, please e-mail InsideGovernment@luc.edu.

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