Loyola University Chicago

Inside Government


Inside Government Officers

PositionFaculty Member
Advisor Phil Hale
President Samantha Scissom
Vice President Ryan Sorrell
Program Coordinator Sydney Snower
Student Relations Chair Dominick Hall
Press Secretary Maria Ralenkotter

About Our Members

Members of Inside Government come from a variety of majors and political backgrounds. All years are encouraged to join. In order to qualify for membership in this organization, an individual must attend a minimum 3 meetings held every semester; while a majority of the events are held are open to all, there are certain events and activities, such as our mentoring program, that is closed to members only. To run for officer positions, you must attend a majority of the meetings.

Inside Government Distinguished Alumni

  • Bill Daley—former Chief of Staff to President Obama, Chief of Staff to Governor Illinois
  • John Cullerton—President of the Illinois State Senate
  • Michael Connelly—Illinois State Senator
  • Fred Crespo—Illinois State Representative
  • Tom Dart—Cook County Sheriff