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Why Mentor?

Mentoring is a proven tool for helping students to obtain valuable career advice. Moreover, a recent Gallup Study found that college graduates who had a mentor were twice as likely to find both job satisfaction and a general sense of well-being. As a mentor, you touch another person’s life in a profound way, one which will have life-long benefits for the mentee, and rich rewards for the mentor as well.

At Inside Government, we hope to match student members with alumni members in 1:1 mentoring relationships. These relationships will assist students in: learning more about jobs and careers in the public sector; networking within the public sector; and seeking and preparing for successful internships in the public sector.

Understanding that people lead very busy lives, Inside Government’s Public Service Alumni Mentoring program gives alumni an opportunity to choose a level of activity which best suits their schedule for a given semester.

Mentoring Levels:

Each semester, the alumni mentor/mentee agrees to participate at one of three levels of activity, depending entirely upon their availability and schedule. Each Connection represents a single instance of connection between student and alum: one e-mail exchange, one face-to-face meeting, a single phone call, or a single event.

Using the following menu of opportunities, the alumni mentor and student mentee can agree upon the activities which will work best for them for that semester.

  • 100 Level Mentoring: one to three Connections
  • 200 Level Mentoring: three to six Connections
  • 300 Level Mentoring: six or more Connections

More Information:

For more information, or to sign-up as a mentor, please contact:

Philip Hale
Vice President for Government Affairs
Loyola University Chicago