Loyola University Chicago

January Term

Academic Policies

General Policies:
  • Because of the intensive nature of the two-week time frame, students are allowed to register for only one course in J-Term.
  • All course policies are established by faculty members in conformity with the guidelines of the department and College or School. 
  • Final exams, if assigned, are scheduled on the last day of the term.
    • Incomplete grades can be given at the discretion of faculty member based on standard College, School, or University policy as outlined here under the "Incomplete Grade Form" section.
  • For most courses the grades will be posted in LOCUS within 72 hours from the last day of the session, however, for some courses posting of grades may take longer.
  • A J-Term course can be canceled for various reasons such as unexpected instructor unavailability, or failing to meet minimum enrollment of students for that course. 
    • Check back for the last date of course cancellation.
    • In the event a class is cancelled, students will be notified via their Loyola e-mail address.
  • Learn more about online courses from our Online Learning webpage and Academic Continuity website.
  • We recommend that students meet with their academic advisor to discuss course options and if the J-Term immersive two-week structure works for them.