Loyola University Chicago

January Term

Academic Policies

During J-Term 2020, all on-campus courses at Lake Shore Campus meet daily for 4.5 hours a day for 9 days.  Courses offered abroad may be held at other times as published in their course syllabi. Should a class not be held for any reason, including weather-related, make-up classes may need to be held at the discretion of the faculty and in accordance with University policy.  Because of the intensive nature of the classes in a two-week time frame, no student is allowed to register for more than 3 credit hours.  This typically means one 3-credit course.

All course policies are established by faculty members in conformity with the guidelines of the department and College or School.  Final exam is scheduled on the last day of the term. Incomplete grades can be given at the discretion of faculty member based on standard College, School, or University policy as outlined here . Some J-Term courses may have a project due within a reasonable number of days after the last day of the term. For most courses the grades will be posted in Locus within 72 hours from the last day of the session, however, for some courses posting of grades may take longer.

A J-Term course can be canceled for various reasons such as unexpected instructor unavailability, or failing to meet minimum enrollment of students for that course.  No courses will be cancelled after Friday, December 20, 2019.  In the event a class is cancelled, students will be notified via their Loyola e-mail address no later than Saturday, December 21, 2019, giving students time to enroll in a different class before Registration closes on Thursday, January 2, 2020.

Information about courses offered abroad during J-Term can be found at the OIP website.

Information about online courses including netiquette, technology, and FAQs can be found at the Online Learning webpageStudents considering an online course for J-Term should find out whether online courses are right for them.