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January Term

Courses & Registration

January Term is a great opportunity to earn up to three credits in less than two weeks - allowing students to stay on track, get ahead, or graduate early.  

J-Term 2022 classes will meet for 10 days, Monday-Friday, January 3-7, and Monday-Friday, January 10-14, 2022. Please check the course list on this webpage or LOCUS for mode of instruction. 

A J-Term class is a full-time, immersive study experience that allows students to focus solely on one course. Students are expected to spend approximately six hours a day studying or engaged in projects. Students are urged to contact their academic advisor to discuss whether a J-Term course is right for them.

  • Online courses may have synchronous sessions of certain duration, depending on the class. 
  • We recommend that students review courses in LOCUS for updates and for detailed course information, including synchronous times, that may have been scheduled by the instructor.

Students should refer to LUC.edu/core to see how courses satisfy Core requirements.

Review course selections by school:

College of Arts and Sciences - 2022

Course NameFacultyMode Satisfies Core
Areas or
Engaged Learning
ANTH 100 Globalization and Local Cultures (3ch) Thea Strand Online Societal/Cultural: Foundational
ANTH 100 Globalization and Local Cultures (3ch) Noah Butler Online Societal/Cultural: Foundational
ANTH 101 Human Origins (3ch) Paula Tomczak Online Scientific: Tier 2
ANTH 101 Human Origins (3ch) TBA Online Scientific: Tier 2
ANTH 102 Culture, Society, and Diversity (3ch) Ruth Gomberg-Munoz Online Societal/Cultural: Tier 2
ANTH 105 Human Biocultural Diversity (3ch) Kristin Krueger Online Scientific: Tier 2
BIOL 111 General Biology I Lab Dawn Franks Online  
BIOL 210 Laboratory Techniques (2ch) Rodney Dale    
BIOL 251 Cell Biology (3ch) Stefan Kanzok Online  
BIOL 265 Ecology (3ch) Martin Berg Online  
BIOL 282 Genetics (3ch) Holly Dimitropoulos Online  
BIOL 365 Writing Scientific Manuscripts (3ch) Joseph Milanovich Online  
BIOL 380 Genetics and Evolution
of Development (3ch)
Bryan Pickett Online  
BIOL 395/495 Data Analysis in R (3ch) Yoel Stuart Online    
BIOL 395 Global Biological Risks (3ch) Michael Burns On-campus  
BIOL 395 Computational Neuroscience Lab (3ch) Hui Ye Online  
CHEM 112 General Chemistry Lab B (1ch) Katrina Binaku Online  
CHEM 226 Organic Chemistry Lab B (1ch) Jessica Eisenberg On-campus  
CHEM 226 Organic Chemistry Lab B (1ch) Timothy Thomas On-campus  
COMP 150 Introduction to Computing (3ch) William Honig Online  
COMP 377/477 IT Project Management (3ch) Channah Naiman Online  
ENGL 271 Exploring Poetry (3ch) Michael Meinhardt Online Literary: Tier 2
ENGL 273 Exploring Fiction (3ch) Harveen Mann Online Literary: Tier 2
ENGL 288 Nature in Literature (3ch) Elizabeth Bayley Online Literary: Tier 2
FNAR 199 Art and Visual Culture (3ch) Sarita Heer Online Artistic Knowledge and Experience
HIST 102 Evol/West Idea Inst 17C (3ch) David Dennis Online Historical: Foundational
HIST 104 Global History Since 1500 (3ch) Kelly O'Connor Online Historical: Foundational
HIST 209 Survey of Islamic History (3ch) Kim Searcy Online Historical: Tier 2
HIST 212 United States Since 1865 (3ch) Peter Kotowski Online Historical: Tier 2
ITAL 101 Italian I (3ch) Dennis Martinez Online  
ITAL 102 Italian II (3ch) Claudia Defraia Online  
LITR 200 European Masterpieces:
Polish Short Stories (3ch)
Jack Hutchens On-campus Literary: Tier 2
MUSC 101 Music: Art of Listening (3ch) Rick Lowe Online Artistic
MUSC 102 Class Piano for Beginners (3ch) Christine Hwang Online  
PHIL 181 Ethics (3ch) Elizabeth Hoppe Online Ethics
PHIL 279 Judgment and Decision-making (3ch) Marcella Linn Online Philosophical: Tier 2
PHIL 287  Enviornmental Ethics (3ch) Thomas Derdak Online Philosophical: Tier 2
PHIL 288 Culture and Civilization: Classical Chinese Philosophy (3ch) Richard Kim Online Philosophical: Tier 2
PHYS 111L College Physics Lab I (1ch) Thomas Ruubel Online  
PHYS 112L College Physics Lab II (1ch) David Klinger Online  
PLSC 100 Political Theory (3ch) Michael Schumacher  Online  Philosophical: Tier 2 
PLSC 300A Hollywood, Law, and Politics (3ch) Amanda Bryan Online  
PLSC 300D Morality in War (3ch) Sarah Maxey Online  
PLSC 358 War, Peace, and Politics (3ch) Molly Melin Online  
PSYC 238 Gender&Sex Diff & Similr (3ch) Jeffrey Huntsinger Online Societal/Cultural: Tier 2
PSYC 275 Social Psychology (3ch) Tracy DeHart Online Societal/Cultural: Tier 2 
PSYC 372/CJC 377 Psychology of Law (3ch) Lisa Sandberg Online  
PSYC 368 Counseling I Scott Leon Online  
SOCL 101 Society in a Global Age (3ch) Judson Everitt Online Societal/Cultural:
SPAN 101 Spanish I (3ch) Brenda Carrillo Online  
SPAN 102 Spanish II (3ch) Alrick Knight Online  
SPAN 102 Spanish II (3ch) David Beltran Online  
SPAN 365 Latin American Cinema (3ch) Ana Rodriguez Navas Online  
THEO 100 Christian Theology (3ch) Emily Cain Online Theological/Religious:
THEO 107 Introduction to Religious Studies (3 ch) Olegs Andrejevs Online Theological/Religious:
THEO 186 Global Religious Ethics (3ch) William French Online Ethics
THEO 232 New Testament (3ch) Christopher Skinner Online Theological/Religious:
Tier 2
THEO 278 Religion and Gender (3ch) Olivia Stewart-Lester Online Theological/Religious:
Tier 2
THEO 282 Hinduism (3ch) Tracy Pintchman Online Theological/Religious:
Tier 2
THEO 293 Christian Theology (3ch) Michael Murphy Online Theological/Religious:
Tier 2
THEO 299 Religions of Asia (3ch) Xueying Wang Online Theological/Religious:
Tier 2
UCLR 100M Interpreting Literature:
China Through
Literature and Film (3ch)
Hong Chen On-campus Literary: Foundational
UCLR 100E Interpreting Literature Elizabeth Hopwood Online Literary: Foundational


Quinlan School of Business - 2022

Course NumberCourse NameFacultyMode of DeliverySatisfies Core Knowledge Area or Engaged Learning
ACCT 201 Introductory Accounting I (3ch) Thomas Zeller Online  
BSAD 220 Career Preparation (2ch) Susan Ries Online  
ECON 201 Economics Principles I (Micro) (3ch) Regina Trevino Online   Tier 2 Societal and Cultural
ECON 202 Economics Principles II (Macro) (3ch) Mary Cummings Online  
FINC 301 Introductory Business Finance (3ch) George Davidson Online  
MGMT 201 Managing People and Organizations (3ch) Darryl Reynolds Online  
SCMG 332 Operations Management (3ch) Gita Taherkhani Online  

School of Communication - 2022

Course NumberCourse NameFacultyMode of DeliverySatisfies Core Knowledge Area or Engaged Learning
COMM 101 Public Speaking (3ch) Patricia Lamberti Online  
COMM 175 Introduction to Communication (3ch) Richelle Rogers Online  
COMM 215 Ethics and Communication (3ch) Jessica Brown Online   
COMM 296 Themes in Advertising and Public Relations: Online Personal Branding (3ch) David Kamerer Online  
COMM 374 Topics: Film and Digital media (3ch) TBA Online  

School of Continuing and Professional Studies - 2022

Course NumberCourse NameFacultyMode of Delivery
Satisfies Core Knowledge Area or Engaged Learning
CPST 247
(Restricted to students in SCPS)
Computer Concepts and Applications (3ch) Patricia Cushing  Online  


School of Environmental Sustainability - 2022

Course NumberCourse NameFacultyMode of DeliverySatisfies Core Knowledge Area or Engaged Learning
ENVS 398

Special Topics--
Plastics: A Planetary Health Perspective


Sasha Adkins  Online/synchronous   

School of Social Work - 2022

Course NumberCourse NameFacultyMode of DeliverySatisfies Core Knowledge Area or Engaged Learning
SOWK 602/610H (Graduate/Combined Section) Health Policy and Health Systems/Social Policy MH/Health (3ch) John Orwat Online