Loyola University Chicago

January Term

Staying Warm and Safe

 Extremely cold Chicago weather sometimes arrives on our doorstep during J-Term. If you attend class on Lakeshore Campus during J-Term, the following tips on staying warm and safe may prove useful.

Preparing for Outdoors:

  • Wear several layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing rather than one layer of heavy clothing. Best to avoid cotton; Wool offers good protection from extreme cold and moisture.  A final layer should be a wind-resistant coat or jacket.   
  • Wear a hat, gloves (mittens are best) and scarf, covering exposed skin, especially ears, nose and chin. Two layers work best – gloves plus mittens, and a hood over a hat. With a wind chill temperature of -18F to -35F, frostbite can occur in 10 to 30 minutes, if skin is exposed.   Make sure to cover all exposed skin.  (http://montreal.about.com/od/frostbite-faqs/qt/frostbite-risk-temperature.htm)
  • Wear waterproof, insulated boots, and two pair of socks – thin for the inside and thick, wool for the outside – but be sure you are able to move your toes, allowing your blood to circulate.
  • Be active, keep moving!
  • Stay dry.
  • Stay fueled with balanced meals and warm, sweet beverages or broth.  Avoid both alcoholic beverages and caffeine, which interfere with the normal physiological defense against cold and can actually increase heat loss.

Be aware of the signs of possible frostbite and hypothermia.  The CDC provides excellent information on these two serious problems that can arise during extreme cold, which can be found at the following links:


Visit the National Weather Service site to see the 7-Day Forecast for Chicago:  Chicago Forecast

Please be sure to check your e-mail at least once a day during the term for any communications from your instructor and contact your instructor with any changes to your schedule. Stay warm and safe, but also be sure to enjoy the beauty of snow-covered Chicago in winter!