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“I have been lucky to spend two years at Loyola’s Lake Shore Campus for my master’s degree in education and three years at the Water Tower Campus for law school—and both are spectacular.” — Maggie Condit, (JD ’16), Edit
“Chicago is a fun, exciting place to live with features that few other cities of its size can offer.” — Ben Horwitz, JD Student, Edit
“I use my moot court experience all the time, in the way I frame an argument, engage folks, and get them to see my perspective.” — Bryant Cameron Webb, MD, (JD '12), Edit
“A career in public interest law will allow me to continue to fight for justice, and intellectual property combines my interest and background in science with the law.” — Amber Carpenter, JD student, Edit
“I love the fact that everyone at Loyola is so supportive and wants me to do well. The professors are extremely approachable and well-connected.” — Pilar Mendez, JD Student, Edit
“I wanted an outstanding legal education, but I also wanted to find a school where I would feel at home—where it would be easy for me to make friends. Of all the schools I toured, Loyola was the only one that accomplished both.” — Nicholas Zausch, JD Student, Edit
“My favorite thing about Loyola is its sense of community. Loyola prides itself on having a collegial environment where students are encouraged to seek help when they need it, whether it pertains to class or otherwise.” — Ariana Maloney, JD Student, Edit
“Working as a student clinician at Loyola was both challenging and rewarding—I gained invaluable lawyering skills while helping some of the most vulnerable members of our community.” — Sei Unno, JD Student, Edit
“The trip to Ohio was extremely helpful in providing a clearer picture of the opioid epidemic in our country. In addition to learning about the crisis, we were moved by the strength of the opioid survivors.” — Emma Garl Smith, JD Student, Edit
“It's a special feeling when your clients have confidence in your abilities as both a lawyer and a professional and begin to trust you.” — Catharine Debelle , JD Student, Edit
“As a student clinician I've gained invaluable lawyering skills under the supervision of a faculty expert in my field.” — James Naughton, JD Student, Edit
“Day of Service is an excellent opportunity to learn about legal aid organizations and Chicago communities, to serve others, and to meet new classmates.” — Carrie Seleman, JD Student, Edit
“It’s a wonderful learning experience to compare the English and American legal systems through interaction and educational activities with barristers, judges, and court administrators.” — James Faught, Associate Dean for Administration & London study abroad program founder, Edit
“Throughout my time at Loyola, I have witnessed and learned the value of service driven by love.” — James P. Naughton, JD Student, Edit
“Few schools have a focus on child law, and then there was this education law component. The faculty is so well connected that I thought they’d be really helpful when I was looking for a job. Those two things together made it a no-brainer.” — Olive Collins, JD Student, Edit
"The alumni are so welcoming and committed to advancing and expanding our networks. It makes me want to give back to Loyola students when I am at a point in my career to do so." — Katie Trucco, JD Student, Edit
“In general, what I love most about (Loyola) law school is that it finally gives me an answer to the question I’ve asked myself my whole life: ‘How can I use my gifts to help people?’” — Chloe Sommers, JD Student, Edit
“I took a giant leap of faith, quit my job, and came to Loyola—and haven’t looked back since. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made.” — Lauren Keane, JD Student, Edit
“Loyola as a whole is very public interest-oriented, so having that kind of support to pursue a non-traditional legal career was tremendous.” — Amanda Walsh, (MSW ’14, JD ’15, LLM ’16), Edit
“Countless Loyola faculty members, deans, and administrators lent me their time, counsel, and attention. I took advantage of externships, networked, and made solid connections.” — Tanya D. Woods, (JD ’13), Edit
“(Working abroad) put into perspective the realities of global health security initiatives.” — Alison Davis, JD Student, Edit
“I met people from all over the world with all types of backgrounds. It opens so many doors.” — Teresa Dettloff, JD Student, Edit
“[My scholarship] not only alleviates financial burdens but also shows the commitment Loyola has to ensuring a legal education can still be attainable.” — Xavier Vergara, JD Student, Edit
“PROLAW taught us how to see more and get more from what we’re doing. Now I see the place of my project on the bigger map of international development.” — Ashot Agaian , (PROLAW ’14), Edit
“Law school hasn’t been easy. But I’ve found a lot of really supportive professors and classmates and ways to explore my interests.” — Martha Laura García, JD Student, Edit
“It has a social justice core, and that attracted me. Loyola is also a place where people want me to excel, from the people in career services to the professors.” — Gerald Polanco, JD Student, Edit
“Loyola trains you to focus on what the legal and regulatory environment could mean for your organization.” — Rachel Doornbosch, (MJ ’14), Edit
“There are so many interesting classes that allow you to steer your master’s program in the direction of your choice. The professors know what it's like to have busy lives, so they are fully aware that students have other responsibilities.” — Christena Driscoll, MJ Student, Edit
“The instructors were fantastic—open to me tailoring my education as much as possible for the causes I was working on—and I really enjoyed the interdisciplinary student body." — Cindy Blackstock, (MJ ’15), Edit
“I will use my legal education to advocate for policies that make our families safer, while embodying the authentic leadership that Chicago desperately needs. As we all know, actions speak louder than words.” — Pete Kalenik, JD Student, Edit
“I looked at several Chicago law schools, as well as some schools in California. Instantly, I had this feeling Loyola was the right place.” — Olive Collins, JD Student, Edit
“With the legal employment market increasingly demanding practical skills of its new hires, Loyola’s experiential learning opportunities can play a key role in helping you hit the ground running in your first job. You will deal in the actual—not the hypothetical.” — MIchael Kaufman, Dean, Edit
"We're committed to your success during law school and beyond. Resources are available for you starting at orientation, until you pass the bar examination after graduation." — Melissa Hale, Director of Academic Success and Bar Programs, Edit
"Loyola truly embraces its heritage, mission, and commitment to providing a broad community of students and professionals access to higher education. Using education as a tool in service to others rings particularly true at the School of Law." — Zelda Harris, Mary Ann G. McMorrow Professor of Law & Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Edit
"Clinical education serves so many positive purposes, and one of them is giving students a taste of the different ways they can use their legal education, skills, and talents to help others." — Shelley Dunck, Randy L. and Melvin R. Berlin Clinical Professor Law & Director, Business Law Clinic, Edit
"At this law school we live our mission. Our goal is to make Loyola the law school of choice for diverse, talented, and dedicated students." — Josie Gough, Curt and Linda Rodin Clinical Assistant Professor of Law and Social Justice; Director of Experiential Learning, Edit
"'Service to Others' is not only the call answered by our students, but it is answered by the community of lawyers and judges who provide our students with exposure to the practice of law." — Josie Gough, Curt and Linda Rodin Clinical Assistant Professor of Law; Director of Experiential Learning, Edit
"We listen to our students to learn what they need to create a return on their investment from their education at Loyola." — Barb Youngberg, Academic Director, Online Programs; Distinguished Lecturer in Residence, Edit
"What we know about how adults learn isn't specific to just online study. Many of our professors in physical classrooms are incorporating webcasts and other online components in their curricula." — Larry Singer, Associate Dean for Online Learning & Director of Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, Edit
"Many students come to Loyola for its social justice focus—to do something larger then themselves and make the world a better place." — John Dehn, Assistant Professor of Law, Edit
"There are so many things that I love about teaching at Loyola, but at the top of my list is the ability to help shape the professional lives of future leaders of our profession." — Diane Geraghty, A. Kathleen Beazley Chair & Director of Civitas ChildLaw Center, Edit
"Over the years, Loyola has played a key role in transforming children's law and policy into a robust and well-respected area of professional specialization." — Diane Geraghty, A. Kathleen Beazley Chair & Director of Civitas ChildLaw Center, Edit
"Culturally, there is no place better to experience than Chicago. It is an international business hub that created numerous opportunities for working professionals and students." — Saba Gheshan, LLM '15, Edit
"My professors are career professionals and experts in their respective areas. It's extremely valuable to hear about real world-experiences from professionals who've actually lived it." — Charley Poynter, MJ Student, Edit
"Chicago is a vibrant legal community and our students have the city as their classroom. Students are just a few el stops form any kind of legal experience they may desire, making it very feasible to get a broad range of experience while in school." — Maureen Kieffer, Director, Career Services, Edit
"From meeting students for coffee to chat about their day to day work, to preparing them for interviews, to serving as mentors, to hiring our graduates, our alumni are one of our best resources." — Maureen Kieffer, Director, Career Services, Edit
"We are committed to ensuring that Loyola graduates are the most prepared and best equipped in the nation." — Marianne Deagle, Director of Career Services, Edit