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Welcoming 1Ls

Welcoming 1Ls

Loyola proudly welcomes a bright, talented, and diverse class of first-year law students. The School of Law values the stronger community that comes with a range of perspectives and in recent years has successfully improved outreach to underrepresented prospective students.  This year we welcomed the most diverse incoming class in the school’s history.

Here are the 2017 entering class statistics as of August 2017:

Full Time JD 210
Weekend JD 51
Age range 21-52
Median Age 24
Female/male ratio 66%/34%
Students of color 34%
Undergraduate Institutions represented  134
Undergraduate majors 64
States represented 34
Foreign countries 2
Median LSAT  158
Median GPA 3.38
25-75 percentile LSAT 154-160
25-75 percentile GPA  3.09-3.64