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Earl N. Caldwell, II is named interim director of the Curt and Linda Rodin Center for Social Justice

Earl N. Caldwell, II (LLM ’00) is interim director of the Curt and Linda Rodin Center for Social Justice. An adjunct professor at the School of Law since 2018, Caldwell brings more than 20 years of educational and social justice experience to the role. “I’m looking forward to continuing to build on the Center’s solid foundation of engagement,” he says. Here are three more things to know about Caldwell.

He lived and worked for 15 years in Accra, Ghana, West Africa before teaching at the School of Law: Caldwell consulted with governments, companies, and nonprofit organizations on social justice-related business, legal, and development initiatives. His work included coordinating cultural exchanges between nations, youth educational initiatives, and health care services, including those related to medical education and training.

He brings a holistic approach to the Center: Everything centers on students, scholars, and stakeholders. “The students are at the forefront of what we do. We are here to educate and train the students,” Caldwell says. “Then there are the scholars, Rodin professors who are doing research and other important work. Finally, you have our stakeholders, the community, the people that the Rodin Center is working with. How can we all engage to move forward the goals and objectives of the Rodin Center? It’s always about a holistic approach. Let’s make sure that we’re collaborating and participating in collective engagement with an eye on local, national, and global perspectives.”

“How can we all engage to move forward the goals and objectives of the Rodin Center? It’s always about a holistic approach.”

He creates opportunities for students to shine: At the School of Law, Caldwell created the Different STEM (Sports, Technology, Entertainment, Media) Conference to provide students and practitioners with an annual forum for networking, collaboration, and meaningful exchange. He has taught Business Skills for New Lawyers and continues to teach Business Skills in Sports and Entertainment Law. He also coaches the Sports Law Negotiation Team. In addition, Caldwell is executive director of Gametime Life Skills Foundation, a Fox Valley-area nonprofit organization that supports youth in learning and understanding the importance of being their own advocates. –Kristi Turnbaugh

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