Loyola University Chicago

Loyola Chicago Retiree Association (LUCRA)

Annual Reports

We’re happy to send you LUCRA’s 2021-22 Annual Report in the hopes that you’ll be interested in our activities, programs, and plans – and will consider participating in those coming up in 2022-23. We, the members of the Loyola University Chicago Retirees Association, also hope that you will consider joining us on the committee. Please let our current moderator, Verna Foster (Emerita, English; vfoster@luc.edu) know of your interest. And do check our website regularly for the most recent news of LUCRA activities and of your colleagues.


LUCRA’S primary purpose is to support the mission of Loyola University Chicago. We do so by continuing to make contributions to our schools, colleges, departments, and programs and to work in local, national, and international communities and organizations.

We also seek to promote friendships and partnerships among all faculty, staff, and administrators who retired from FT employment at the University and to sponsor events and programs for our continued flourishing.

 Events, Programs, and Activities

LUCRA has had an active year with new programming and opportunities for retirees. During the challenging time of the pandemic, the Executive Committee instituted virtual programs that all could attend. Examples of the latter are:

Third Thursdays at Three: a presentation each month by a LUCRA member or outside guest speaker about a topic in their field that would be of interest to the membership at large. 

Interesting Ideas Discussion Group: moderated by David Crumrine. A monthly discussion group of up to 20 retirees to talk about two or three articles that different faculty found informative. 

Staying in the Loop--University Updates: We stay connected to the University through the Provost’s office, as well as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. In particular, Susan Penckofer and Marilyn Susman are working to develop mentoring opportunities for retirees, working with new and/or mid-career faculty.

Affiliation with the Association of Retiree Organizations in Higher Education: LUCRA Members have participated in the bi-annual conference of this organization for leaders of retiree associations in both public and private colleges and universities. They have also participated in webinars offered by AROHE on issues among retirees and programming ideas.

Affiliation with the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU): A group of Jesuit colleges and universities have formed a consortium of retiree organizations in these institutions. LUCRA steering committee members Erwin Epstein and Nick Patricca have been instrumental in creating this group, who collaborate around retiree issues.

LUCRA’S steering committee continues to explore other possibilities to advance its mission, such as foreign travel, a return to monthly in-person luncheons, programs on preparing for and living in retirement. We would welcome your suggestions of other possibilities and your membership on the steering committee. Please contact Verna Foster with your interest: vfoster@luc.edu