Why Choose Medieval Studies?

Your future employers—whatever you decide to do—want to see evidence of your broad range of interests, your skills in assessing and interpreting evidence, your critical thinking abilities, your foundation in the humanities, your keen curiosity about the world, your adaptability in using different methods and techniques to solve problems and your communication skills.

All of these skills and more are honed in the Medieval Studies minor. In addition, you will find that the cultural worlds of the Middle Ages are endlessly fascinating, both evocative of our age and very remote from it. In the Medieval Studies Program you will discover great literature, profound philosophy, groundbreaking theology, fabulous art and some the most interesting people you'll ever meet.

For more information, contact:

Professor Theresa Gross-Diaz: tgross@luc.edu

Medieval Movie Night
Ingmar Bergman's Masterpiece: The Seventh Seal
Monday, March 19


for more information about this event and related courses, and for the Medieval Studies Minor, please contact: tgross@luc.edu

Queens, Dreaming, and Chaucer:
Spring 2018 Lecture Series

Our Lecture Series has three exciting events this April.

Top Photo

Siena, Palazzo Publico, Ambrogio Lorenzetti: The Good Government, second quarter 14th century.