Loyola University Chicago

Department of Military Science


Fall Courses


MLSC 101 Leadership and Personal Development

MLSC 151 Physical Training I


MLSC 201 Foundations of Leadership

MLSC 251 Physical Training III


MLSC 301 Adaptive Team Leadership

MLSC 351 Physical Training V


MLSC 311 Advanced Leadership

MLSC 361 Physical Training VII

Spring Courses


MLSC 102 Introduction to Leadership

MLSC 152 Physical Training II


MLSC 202 Tactical Leadership

MLSC 252 Physical Training 252


MLSC 302 Applied Team Leadership

MLSC 352 Physical Training VI


MLSC 312 Leadership in a Complex World

MLSC 362 Physical Training VIII


Military History Course- Any Semester

All ROTC cadets across the country are required to take a college level history course that focuses on U.S. military history and the history of the profession of arms. Specific courses that meet the requirements established by U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command are determined by the Professor of Military Science. For a list of courses that fulfill the military history requirement at your university, please contact your Military Science Instructor.

In addition to these approved courses, the Military Science Department offers a three credit hour, independent study course that is taken online through the ROTC Blackboard learning system. This course can be found in Loyola's course catalog under:

MLSC 399 Military History- Independent Study