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Institute for Paralegal Studies


Post a Position/Receive Resumes

To post a position with our program, please use the link below to send:

  1. A description of the position. It is especially important to specify the preferred level of experience.
  2. Your company/firm's contact information (i.e., contact name, address, phone number, etc.). The institute will not post blind ads to our job board. We can limit the information posted, however we will need your full contact information for our records.
  3. Confirmation that you have read and will observe our Non Discrimination Policy.

Post a Position (If you have difficulty with this link, email the above information to paralegal@luc.edu)

The institute maintains an online job board for both current students and alumni where the position will be posted. You may therefore receive direct responses from these persons. We also maintain a database of resumes and will forward applicable resumes from this database to the email address you provide.

If you have any questions about this process, please contact us at: 312.915.6820.


The Institute for Paralegal Studies' internship program is designed to provide advanced students with practical experience under the supervision of an attorney or paralegal supervisor and the director of the institute. The experience is intended to give the students an opportunity to improve their paralegal skills, develop good working habits, and learn the customs of the local legal community. Internship supervisors are asked to utilize student interns in ways that further these goals of the program. These internships are unpaid; instead, the student receives two semester hours of academic credit (for which they pay the usual tuition rates).

For more information, please use the link below or contact our office directly at: 312.915.6820 to request the Internship Interest Packet.

The Institute for Paralegal Studies has developed a Certificate in Paralegal Studies that responds to the needs of today’s students and employers. Contact us to request more information about earning a paralegal certificate.