Loyola University Chicago

Institute for Paralegal Studies

Current Students

Students may start a paralegal job search at any time. Students are more attractive to employers as they approach graduation. You should start a job search early in the semester in which you plan to graduate.

You may use the Institute's career assistance service in either or both of these methods:

  1. Browse the Job Board and reply directly to any posting that interests you.
  2. Submit a resume for the Institute's electronic resume database. Resumes will be critiqued (after completion of PLST 331 Introduction to Paralegal Studies) by the Director and/or Academic Program Coordinator, who then forwards suitable resumes from this database to employers on request. Almost all employers also ask that a notice be posted. We will alert the employers that they may receive some duplicate resumes in this situation. Please send your resume to paralegal@luc.edu as a Word or PDF attachment.


Resumes and cover letters are covered in the Introduction to Paralegal Studies class. The materials distributed in class are always available online within the Job Board (The "Helpful Handouts" link at the top of board). Once students have received their critiqued resume submitted for the Intro class, the director and/or academic program coordinator will be available by appointment to review revisions of resumes and cover letters and offer individual advice.

Ramblerlink System (University Career Center Job Listing)

RamblerLink is a web-based recruiting system designed for university career centers. Students and alumni of Loyola University Chicago can browse job postings, apply for positions, sign up for interviews and events, and publish resumes to employer-searchable resume books.