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Department of Political Science

Honors in Political Science

Qualified political science majors may graduate with honors in political science. This program honors students who achieve academic excellence in their studies and who successfully complete additional training in a special topics research seminar (PLSC 395). This course is offered each spring and students may enroll in it in their junior or senior year. Admission requires a 3.5 GPA overall and in political science. Admitted students may register for PLSC 395 in the spring semester of their junior or senior year provided they have successfully completed seven political science classes (21 credit hours). The Honors Seminar will not count toward the 33 credit hours required for a political science major or as one of the required subfield courses.

For more information about the Political Science Honors Program, please contact Professor David Doherty (ddoherty@luc.edu). 


Politics and Genocide in Rwanda

Professor Brian Endless

The PLSC Honors Seminar this year is a deep focus on politics in Rwanda, and how it has led to several genocidal actions over the course of modern Rwandan history. This course analyzes the politics surrounding genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Rwanda. While the Rwandan genocide of 1994 will be a central focus, the course will dive deep into the history of Rwanda from pre-colonial times through the genocide, looking at how Rwandan politics and history led to a series of oligarchies and autocratic rulers, moving back and forth between the Hutu and Tutsi groups. The course will also look at politics in Rwanda since the genocide, analyzing the regime of Paul Kagame through the present day.

This class is available to students who have been admitted to the Political Science Honors Program.  Registration is by permission only.