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Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC)

Register for the fall 2023 application cycle by November 15, 2022! 

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee (PHPAC) process guides, advises, and gets to know Loyola students and alumni better to evaluate them personally, academically, and on their professional orientation when applying to health professions schools. The committee cycle extends from November (fall semester) through the following summer (2022).  

Re-applicants are students and alumni who are participating in the applicant process after having submitted a medical or dental school application (via AADSAS, AMCAS, AACOMAS, and/or TMDSAS) in a prior cycle, whether or not they have requested a Committee Letter from Loyola or any other school. Re-applicants may utilize the Application Deliverables resources (available on Handshake) on their own, but only first-time applicants are eligible for the full PHPAC advisor feedback process. Re-applicants are eligible for the abbreviated 2023M Re-Applicant Process. 

The Pre-Health Professions Advisory Committee has curated a series of resources for the Fall 2023 matriculation cycle(2023M). Whether this is your first time applying to a health professional school or not, theseapplication resourcesare vital to supporting you in the process. You can also find more information about the process on ourfrequently asked questionspage. 

Registration is to be completed on the Pre-Health Application Database. The registration deadline is Monday, November 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm CT.

Further instructions, including a comprehensive overview of the expectations, policies, and procedures ("2023M PHPAC Manual"), are available within the Application Deliverables resource page on Handshake.