The Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence fosters dynamic collaboration among academics, students, and business leaders by uniting them in the pursuit of educational enrichment, research, and the implementation of artificial intelligence solutions.

We are:

  • A leading university-based research center with a lab in Chicago
  • Dedicated data scientists who are available to work on your AI project
  • Publisher of industry-relevant and academically rigorous research
  • Organizer of events to foster research and collaboration, such as industry conferences and executive education
  • Leader of clinical research, which offers companies an opportunity to learn more about how AI can impact their business by running various experiments
  • Counsel for companies seeking to hire students skilled in applied analytics

We invite you to learn about our services and consider becoming an affiliate. For more information about the Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence, please contact us at byadamsuren@luc.edu and we will respond as soon as possible.