The Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence stands as a premier research institute offering a comprehensive suite of services focused on the transformative power of AI in business.

Our expertise lies not only in pioneering primary research on pertinent AI topics but also in conducting in-depth AI-related proof of concept experiments. From firms that have busy analytic teams that desire to undertake a quick proof of concept to those that are first considering how AI can impact their business, all can benefit from engaging with the lab.


At the Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence, we are committed to advancing the forefront of AI research. Our focus is on exploring the profound implications AI holds for business operations and strategies. Our research endeavors aim to uncover insights that redefine the business landscape, setting new benchmarks for AI application in various industries. We are also available to undertake directed research projects.


Tailored Experiments: Our unique value proposition lies in offering businesses of all sizes and stages, from analytics-heavy firms to AI novices, the opportunity to discover AI's potential impact on their operations. Whether it's a quick proof of concept or an initial exploration into AI's possibilities, the Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence is equipped to guide businesses through this journey.

Data Science Expertise: The core of our service offering is our team of data science experts, specializing in crafting bespoke AI solutions. These range from rapid solution testing to the development of advanced, complex models. Our approach is methodical and tailored, starting with a thorough scope of work that outlines the research parameters, data availability, process methodology, and anticipated outcomes.

Dedicated Project Teams: What sets the Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence apart is our commitment to dedicated staffing. Unlike other institutions where PhD candidates might be part-time contributors, we allocate a full-time, specialized team to focus solely on your project. This ensures a level of attention and unmatched expertise, leading to more nuanced, effective, and efficient AI solutions.

Do you have a question, or would you like to work with the Lab for Applied Artificial Intelligence? If so, please contact us at byadamsuren@luc.edu and we will respond as soon as possible.