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CME Business Analytics Lab

CME Business Analytics Lab


Learn, Experiment, Engage, Innovate, & Create

The CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab serves both the immediate needs for hands-on training in financial services and also the rapidly growing field of business analytics in various industry sectors besides finance such as marketing, healthcare, legal, insurance, risk management, government, and supply chain management. With the advent of ‘big data’, the new race and competitive edge for many companies is how to convert streaming data into actionable business insights—and do it fast. The challenges and opportunities are vast and continuously changing.

The mission of the CME Group Foundation Business Analytics Lab is to facilitate educational and research activities, supplement course work with lab capabilities, help with experiential learning, experiment with current trends, explore innovative ideas, and acquire hands-on training using the latest in software tools and data products, while fostering an environment for investigative work, creative thinking and entrepreneurial approach to devise the solutions best fitting a rapidly evolving market environment and best rewarding to the growth of the lab and its mission.