Los Angeles: Back for More

In less than a week, I will have the privilege to travel to sunny Los Angeles and spend a week with fellow Ramblers on a special journey. When I was a freshman two years ago, I went to Seattle for my first Quinlan Ramble. Not only did I enjoy my experience, but I valued the trip so much that I returned to co-facilitate this amazing cohort.

This space allows young professionals to receive invaluable support, resources, and encouragement — which extends beyond the week-long trip. My first Ramble ignited my desire to learn more about career paths, motivated me to learn more about myself and my interests, and pushed me to enter spaces that require me to step out of my comfort zone. As my interests and perspective changed since I was a freshman, I am excited to utilize this opportunity to be receptive to the support from alumni and companies, as well as encouraging the other folks in the cohort. This trip has shown me that so many people want students like me to succeed, and that privilege in and of itself drives me to reach unimaginable heights.

Los Angeles is an amazing place to spend Spring Break and get away from the bitter cold in Chicago. While I’m there, I am excited to explore the city with fellow Ramblers. We’re gratefully surrounded by a variety of cuisines that I’ll undoubtedly take advantage of. And lastly, I am happy to have the chance to reconnect another Quinlan Ramble participant, Lillian Nguyen. We met on the trip two years ago and now we plan on seeing one another again! It is wonderful to keep these strong Quinlan Ramble bonds together throughout the years.


Sean Ryan (BBA '21)