Los Angeles

In 2020, our students met with Capital Records Music Group, Trader Joe's, Glenair, Inc., CBS, Los Angeles Times, Los Angeles World Airports, and Accenture. And of course, they stopped at In-N-Out Burger.

Experience the Quinlan Ramble

Los Angeles: Back to Reality

"I can happily say that after traveling with my fellow Ramblers, I have found a community within Loyola," wrote Supreet Dhaliwal (BBA ’21). Read more

Los Angeles: LAWA and Accenture

"Everyone was satisfied and proud of themselves and the team for making Quinlan proud at every site and event we attended, and very content with the relationships fostered," said Poorvi Modi (BBA ’22). Read more

Los Angeles: LAWA and Accenture

"Waking up on Friday was a bittersweet moment. We were excited to visit Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) and Accenture but were sad that today was our last day of site visits," said Supreet Dhaliwal (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: LAWA and Accenture

"We learned about the various aspects and moving parts that go into a career in the airport industry. It was very interesting to learn about all that must go into a job like this, with all the regulations and red tape," said Uriel Reyes Vazquez (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: CBS and the LA Times

"I felt like I was about to become an insider to something that was a top-notch secret," said Bryanna Butler (AA '20). Read more

Los Angeles: CBS and the LA Times

"My definite takeaway from these site visits was that one should never stop exploring, and always be open to accepting opportunities that help us expand our horizons," said Poorvi Modi (BBA '22) Read more

Los Angeles: Glenair

"The moment we arrived at Glenair you could feel that sense of belonging," said Maria Pimentel (BBA '20). Read more

Los Angeles: Glenair and the Alumni Reception

"For the whole afternoon, their staff answered really pressing questions about their philosophies on employee relationships, supply chain protocols, and how they have reacted to situations of market volatility. For supply chain management students like myself, this look into a private manufacturing firm was a really hands-on opportunity to see the ways that a company like Glenair delivers quality and reliability to its customers," said Nicole Bond (BBA '21) Read more

Los Angeles: Trader Joe's

"The CEO, Dan Bane,...showed us a video about general information and history of Trader Joe’s. The video was so well produced and really gave a great idea of how Trader Joe’s became to be the Trader Joe’s everyone knows today," said Perla Solano (BBA '23). Read more

Los Angeles: Trader Joe's

'When we first walked into the headquarters and saw CEO Dan Bane and all the other employees wearing Hawaiian shirts, I knew the site visit was going to be anything but ordinary," said Allison Heithoff (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Trader Joe's

"As soon as we arrived at Trader Joe’s we definitely felt at home," said Jasmin Garcia (AA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Capitol Records

"As someone who is an absolute nerd for all things technology related, I was jaw-dropped and so intrigued by what the Atmos system is prepared to bring in the future," said Brian Nguyen (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Capitol Records

"When we think of Hollywood, we often dream of celebrities, stars on a walkway, and the place where dreams come true. On Monday, we were able to see behind the scenes of the magic we listen to everyday: music," said Margaret Marinic (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Capitol Records

"My biggest takeaway from the panel was that you should follow your passion, but before doing that one must understand what they do want and what they don’t want. Once that is figured out, you can achieve your dreams," said Anita Machuca (BBA '20). Read more

Los Angeles: Boats and Business

"I chose to sit and listen to the birds all around, thinking about the week ahead but also taking time to relax and be present in the moment," said Uriel Reyes Vazquez (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Scooting Around LA

"The weekend for the 2020 Quinlan Ramble to Los Angeles has been filled with more excitement than I could have ever imagined," said Jeanpierre Lem (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Setting Goals

"Excited, grateful, and adventurous are just three of the words to describe the whirl of emotions I am feeling as I get ready to depart Chicago for the Quinlan Ramble to Los Angeles," said Jennile O'Connor (BBA '21). Read more

Los Angeles: Back for More

"When I was a freshman two years ago, I went to Seattle for my first Quinlan Ramble. Not only did I enjoy my experience, but I valued the trip so much that I returned to co-facilitate this amazing cohort," said Sean Ryan (BBA '21). Read more