Los Angeles: Scooting Around LA

Los Angeles: Scooting Around LA

"Now that the weekend is over I am only more excited to see the businesses and build closer bonds with my fellow ramblers," said Jeanpierre Lem (BBA '21).

The weekend for the 2020 Quinlan Ramble to Los Angeles has been filled with more excitement than I could have ever imagined! 

As the weekend began, the excitement started before we even left the Lakeshore Campus! It was clear to see everyone energized ready to travel to LA. The trip to LA was filled with laughter and music. Arriving in LA everything seemed so exciting, it was a new land to explore for a majority of us. As we drove around, we were all excited to see landmarks of LA and spotting the Hollywood sign was the jackpot of them all.  

Once the Activities started I truly felt closer to my fellow ramblers. Even though we had meetings for the Quinlan Ramble and I’ve talked to the ramblers outside of the meetings, it wasn’t until we arrived in LA that our bond grew closer. Kickstarting our first group activity of getting dinner, we all were enjoying the sightseeing just walking to the restaurant! After our meal ended we all walked around LA for bit simply exploring and I cannot begin to explain how fun it is to run down a hill in LA; granted, I cannot begin to explain the leg muscles you’ll need to climb some of the steep hills in LA. 

By Sunday we all took action to do touristic activities. A group of ramblers and I went to the Disney Concert Hall and a beautiful park nearby. It was all amazing and things truly took off when we discovered the scooters around LA. We were traveling around on them in what felt like light speed. Soon we had a brunch and the tables were filled with enjoyment and laughter. After the brunch we had a quick break before the cruise and all the ramblers and I scurried off to see LA. So many great pictures- and coming from Chicago, I cannot stress this enough- the weather here is beautiful. Once we were at the harbor we all enjoyed the view that was packed with culture and food. The cruise was magnificent to learn about LA from the speaker and seeing the sea lions was a true blessing. 

I can truly say without a doubt that I enjoyed this weekend with the Quinlan Ramble to the max. Now that the weekend is over I am only more excited to see the businesses and build closer bonds with my fellow ramblers. 


Jeanpierre Lem (BBA '21)