Los Angeles: Setting Goals

Excited, grateful, and adventurous are just three of the words to describe the whirl of emotions I am feeling as I get ready to depart Chicago for the Quinlan Ramble to Los Angeles. I first heard about the Ramble during my sophomore year but it was the day before the applications were due. I could have scrambled to put together an application but I knew that would not be the best representation of who I was. Instead, I decided not to apply that year but made a note in my journal and calendar to look out for applications for the Ramble 2020. Fast forward to last fall when the applications opened, I had ample time to apply and I did not hesitate to take advantage of this resource. I have always been intrigued by the Quinlan Ramble program because I believe it provides a unique opportunity for professional development while connecting with individuals in the Quinlan community. I have always appreciated the value of learning from others and their respective cultures. Going to Los Angeles will allow me to try new experiences, new foods, and have a quick immersion into a culture that is very different from Chicago. Not to mention, the weather is forecasted to be an average of sixty to seventy degrees which will provide a much-needed reprieve from the cold winter weather here in Chicago.

Whenever I embark on new adventures, I always try to set a few goals of things I want to achieve. However, a motto that I have is to set goals but not expectations. I want to have a guide on what I plan on accomplishing throughout the Ramble but I want to go on this experience without rigid expectations as to how the journey will evolve. That being said, a professional goal I have is to connect with at least 2 alumni during our alumni reception. As a first-generation college student, I find it really helpful to hear the perspectives of alumni and others within the client service world as I begin to navigate the course of my career. Additionally, I also have a goal of asking one question on each of the site visits that we attend. I am always on a quest to learn more about different businesses and the culture that they embody and so I am interested to
learn about the culture of each organization. I intend to use that knowledge to help me further refine what I am looking for in a company as I apply for my first jobs out of college.

On a more fun note, I am hoping to try a few new cuisines and say yes to as many cool activities as possible. I am incredibly delighted and grateful for this trip and I know I will return with a new sense of professional and cultural awareness!


Jennile O'Connor (BBA '21)