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Class Scheduling

The priority for the Office of Registration & Records Class Scheduling Team is to maintain efficient use of classrooms while also working to meet the needs of all university departments that require use of classrooms.

The following scheduling guidelines are mandated by the Provost's Office.

  1. Develop a balanced schedule of day time courses between MWF and TTh. Generally about 60% of all daytime classes should be on MWF and 40% on TTh.
  2. Use the full schedule of day time-slots equally. To do so, we ask Departments to use each time slot on the MWF schedule before assigning a second course section to a time slot. For example, if the unit is planning to offer 7 day sections on MWF, it should schedule one section into each of the 7 time slots (see Scheduling Grid below) before placing two sections into the same time slot. For TTh schedules, there are 5 day time slots.
  3. Limit the proportion of classes offered during each of the peak time slots. (i.e., MWF 9:20, 10:25, 12:35, 1:40; TTh 10:00, 11:30, 1:00) to no more than 15 percent of the unit's term schedule (e.g. a School/Department that schedules 100 sections for a term, can have no more than 15 sections at any one peak time slot).
  4. Reduce the number of off-grid course sections (courses that meet during times that span two or more scheduled slots on the course grid).
  5. Schools offering off-grid courses must schedule the same off-grid time period on the MWF or TTh grid before seeking additional time slots (i.e. if a course is scheduled off-grid on Monday, 11-1:30, other off-grid courses must be scheduled 11-1:30 on Wednesday and Friday).
  6. Courses that meet once per week should be scheduled on the grid at 4:15 or 7:00. Based on classroom availability, a limited number of once per week courses could be offered 2:30-5:15 for T or Th; or 2:45-5:30 for M, W, or F (which is off-grid). Combined sections of undergraduate and graduate courses that meet once per week must follow this scheduling practice.

Tips for maintaining a productive class schedule and to ensure classroom availability:

  • Offer some course sections with lower class size caps (e.g. 35 students rather than 45) to better fit into available classrooms.
  • Reduce the number of day-time course offerings at LSC by WTC-based programs.
  • Increase evening course offerings at LSC (evening classes at WTC cannot be increased).


Class Scheduling Details

  • All class schedule and class association data is copied from the same term for the prior year with the exception of the following:
    • Course titles populate from the course catalog.
    • Class meeting days and times are blank.
    • Facility fields are blank.
    • Instructor fields are blank.
    • Room characteristics populate from the course catalog.
    • Minimum/Maximum units populate from the course catalog.
    • Grading basis populates from the course catalog.
  • Classes that will not be offered and have been copied from a prior term should be "deleted" not "cancelled."
  • If a class that is not offered for the term is part of a permanent combination, all courses in that permanent combination must be deleted.
  • Classes which are designated as "writing intensive" should carry the appropriate enrollment limit.

Useful Reports and Features:

  • Schedule of Classes Report - This report will display, at a glance, all of the information you have entered for the upcoming term. It is an easy way to double check course titles, sub-topics (special topics), notes, credit hours, meeting times, (a.m. vs. p.m.) teacher assignments, campus coding, etc.      
  • Class Search - Identifies those courses in your offerings which are designated as Writing Intensive, Honors or that satisfy Core requirements.

Enrollment Restrictions

  • Specify Requirement Group within Class Associations for Rome Center Classes.
  • Specify Requirement Group within Class Associations for classes offered at St. Joseph.
  • Specify Requirement Designation within Class Associations for Writing Intensive, Honors, and other specially designated classes.

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