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Office of Registration and Records

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Course Schedules

The Office of Registration and Records issues online Course Schedules annually for the Fall and Spring semesters and for Summer Sessions. The Course Schedules provides registration information and the course offerings available on each campus. To review current schedules, click here.

Class Rosters

Teachers should direct students to the Office of Registration & Records if a student is not on their roster, or the teacher may report that the student is not attending. No one will be allowed to attend any class without first officially registering for that class. Students must be registered for the class in an authorized manner in order to receive a grade. Students should check with their Dean during the terms late and change of registration period to correct their registration and to avoid incurring any withdrawal grade penalties or incorrect tuition charges.

Disabled Student Services

The Office of Registration and Records assigns all classroom space. When possible, the office will relocate class meeting rooms or make other adjustments to assist any students with physical disabilities that preclude their access to the classrooms initially assigned. Please contact the classroomhelp@luc.edu if you need this service.

Incomplete Grade Form

For Undergraduate Courses Incomplete is a temporary grade. To request an incomplete, students must complete this form  and present it to their instructor. Approval of this request is at the discretion of the instructor. If approved, students will receive a temporary grade of "I" for the course. Students must complete all coursework within six weeks of the beginning of the next term. An incomplete granted during the Spring and Summer terms must be completed within six weeks of the beginning of the Fall term. Failure to complete required coursework within the allotted time will result in the grade "F".

Student Schedules - How to Obtain

Students may obtain a current copy of their class schedule using LOCUS. Students should review their schedule carefully and report any incomplete or inaccurate information to the Office of Registration and Records.