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Ricci Scholars

2021-2022 Ricci Scholars

2021-2022 Ricci Scholars

Liam Broderick, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, majors in political science and global studies and minors in philosophy and MENA Studies. His project focuses on studying political theory in Vietnam and Italy for the coercive elements of Fascism in Italy and populist politics in rural populations. He is hoping his research can illuminate and combat modern populist phenomena.

Emma Geiser, from Brookfield, Wisconsin, is a member of the Interdisciplinary Honors Program majoring in political science and global studies. Her project centers around NGO outreach in different political and cultural climates. Specifically, she will focus on the impact of NGO outreach targeted at different populations of at-risk youth and what services they provide. 

Ben Mielke, from Maple Grove, Minnesota, is majoring in finance with a minor in economics. His research goal is to understand the fiscal policy precedent set from prior economic downturns in Rome and Ho Chi Minh City. He would like to investigate why certain economic tools were used during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they affected bankruptcy rates in small businesses.

Sofia Suarez, from Barranquilla, Colombia, is majoring in psychology and global studies. Her research will explore stress and mindset in university students and the services available to them in universities both in Rome and Vietnam. She hopes to discover how culture affects the recognition and treatment of stress, how this impacts students, and also how effective services such as wellness centers are in Italy and Vietnam in the short and long term.