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Health Insurance

Mandatory CISI Health Insurance

By participating in an overseas program sponsored by Loyola University Chicago, students will automatically be enrolled in a specialized emergency medical insurance coverage plan for the duration of their program abroad.  Insurance coverage is provided by Cultural Insurance Services International, an organization dedicated to providing insurance specifically to students traveling abroad.  This plan is not intended to take the place of your primary health insurance coverage.  It is only supplemental and intended to provide coverage specific to overseas travel.  Only in certain circumstances can purchase of this plan be waived.

Why do we require it?

Many domestic insurance policies do not cover students while abroad.  Most policies do not provide assistance should a natural disaster or political uprising occur, or should a student in a remote area need to be airlifted to medical facilities.  By requiring insurance specific to overseas travel, the University is able to ensure that all students going abroad will have emergency medical insurance in line with industry standards and best practices in the field. 

Learn More

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