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Holiday Safety

While a number of holidays throughout the year can be fun times of celebration, many also include an increased rate of alcohol and other drug use. Among college students, Halloween and St. Patrick‚Äôs Day are two of the biggest holidays associated with substance use, especially heavy alcohol consumption. In the days surrounding both of these holidays, students should practice care for themselves and the Loyola community by making a plan for how to celebrate safely. There are plenty of ways to celebrate without alcohol, but if you choose to drink please pace yourself, stick to your limit, and stay with the same group of friends. 

Another big day for risky drinking behaviors among college students is the day before Thanksgiving, known as Blackout Wednesday. Read through the infographic below for some helpful information on how to be safe on this day. 

Blackout Wednesday Infographic


Please read through the sections below to learn how to safely celebrate both of these holidays, including specifics on alcohol safety, LUC policies, and fun events taking place around Loyola. 


St. Patrick's Day