Loyola University Chicago

Safety Net Coalition

Staff Consultations

Health Promotion staff in the Wellness Center are trained to work with students who are concerned about their alcohol, cannabis, or e-cigarette/tobacco use.

1 on 1 Meetings: The Wellness Center offers a confidential 1 on 1 program called Basics, where a staff member meets with a student to help them reflect on their alcohol use behavior, and they are given personalized feedback through an online program. This program is helpful for students who may be worried that they are drinking in excess or in a away that is affecting their health, friendships, and relationships. This two session program is confidential and staff will help students connect to therapy or other campus resources at the end of the session if needed. The Wellness Center offers a similar program called Cannabis Conversations, for students who may be smoking in a high risk way. If you would like to schedule a Basics or Cannabis Conversations session with a trained Wellness staff member, please contact Callie Powers, Alcohol and Other Drug Educator, at cpowers1@luc.edu. Please contact Callie also if you are required to complete Basics or Cannabis Conversations education  as a result of a policy violation. 

General Consultations: Health Promotion staff are available to talk to students, staff, or parents to answer general questions concerning alcohol or cannabis use, or inform about on and off campus resources. Please contact Callie Powers at 773-508-2549 or cpowers1@luc.edu if you need resources or information. These sessions can also be tailored for students who want to discuss their own of e-cigarettes or tobacco cigarettes.