Loyola University Chicago

Safety Net Coalition


In recent years, cannabis use has increased and become more normalized, as many states are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis use. Students may decide to use cannabis socially and recreationally, but should remember that cannabis is federally illegal and therefore not allowed on Loyola's campus. 

Like other substances, cannabis use can negatively impact a person's health, relationships, and career if they are using too frequently or start depending on the substance to make it through the day. Cannabis use can also negatively impact the community if someone uses it in public as people should be able to choose whether to be exposed to secondhand smoke. 

If you choose to smoke, remember the Student Promise, remember the Good Sam policy, and follow these quick tips to stay safe, have fun, and stay in control:

(Tips taken from Colorado's Responsibility Grows Here Campaign

  • Avoid or limit consumption of cannabis edibles (brownies, candy, etc.): Cannabis edibles have been becoming more popular recently as they look like regular snacks. However, people sometimes do not realize that they are more concentrated with THC and take longer for you to feel the effects (sometimes up to 4 hours). This can be dangerous as users sometimes eat more than needed because they aren't feeling the effects and get a dangerous high. Also, keep edibles out of reach of pets and children as it is attractive to them and they can become very sick. 
  • Alcohol and Cannabis do not mix: It can be dangerous to use cannabis and drink alcohol as they are both depressants and affect your nervous system. In general, mixing any drugs can exacerbate the effects of the substances and can cause someone to become sick or disoriented. 
  • Do not smoke in public: It is illegal to smoke on Loyola's campus (or anywhere if you are under 21). If you do choose to smoke outside, please respect others and do not smoke in public areas and near families. 
  • Do NOT smoke and drive: Smoking cannabis impairs judgment and spatial skills. You can also be pulled over or arrested for driving under the influence and could cause an accident. Even if you feel fine, please refrain from driving, take a rideshare or ask a sober friend to drive. If you have been smoking, wait 6 hours to drive, 8 with edibles. 
  • Sharing is not caring: Please do not share your cannabis with friends, especially people under 21. It can have negative consequences for you and your friends if someone uses too much or engages in unsafe behavior after smoking. 
  • Take it slow and stick to your limit: Similar to drinking, it is safer to take it slow instead of using a large amount of the substance the first times you try it. 

    "Whether you’re trying marijuana for the first time or you’re an old pro, there is such a thing as too much... That’s why it’s important to understand how cannabis affects you and know your limits. Signs that you’ve had too much can include extreme confusion, anxiety, paranoia, panic, fast heart rate, delusions or hallucinations, increased blood pressure, and severe nausea or vomiting. Not a good time. 

    If you’re new to cannabis and are unsure how it will affect you, start with a low dose. For edibles, a serving is 10 mg. Dabbing and hash oil products use highly concentrated THC with potency up to 80% and shouldn’t be used by anyone who hasn’t used cannabis in the past." -Responsibility Grows Here