Loyola University Chicago

Safety Net Coalition

Alcohol Free Options

Loyola University Chicago is a vibrant university located in a thriving city. Loyola Ramblers engage in fun activities through student groups, residence life, and community organizations every week that do not involve alcohol. Despite stereotypes to the contrary in the tv and media, college students can have a full and enjoyable social life without the use of alcohol or other drugs. As a student, please look out for fun events happening around campus, or ask your RA or student development staff if you need any suggestions! 

Here are some resources for students looking for alternate activities to check out!: 

Student Activities and Greek Affairs: Check out the diverse group of student orgs, whether you are interested in environmental conservation, nutrition, or even hula-hooping, there is something for everyone! 

Department of Programming: Offers free movie nights for students on the weekends, as well as alcohol free events during Halloween and St. Patrick's Day 

Chicago neighborhoods:  Have a free Saturday or want to take a study break? Grab a friend and head to a new neighborhood for a day of exploring! Chicago consists of a variety of great neighborhoods with wonderful food, shopping, and museums. 

Campus Recreation: Campus Rec offers so many options for students who want to exercise or spend time outdoors! They have a state of the art gym, a climbing wall, yoga and zumba classes, and an active group of students who go on outdoor adventures!