Loyola University Chicago

Community Service & Action

Division of Mission Integration

Service & Faith Learning Community

The CSA supports Loyola’s Service and Faith Learning Community (SFLC).  The Service and Faith Learning Community provides a holistic encounter with the Jesuit values of service and faith for a small community of first-year students.  Students in the SFLC live together in one of Loyola’s residence halls, take a couple of courses together, and engage in out of the classroom program and activities.
SFLC members are supported by staff members in the CSA, a Learning Community Assistant (a fellow student!), Residence Life staff, and select faculty members. Just this year, SFLC members have volunteered in the local community, visited local congregations, taken part in workshops, toured the neighborhood, and had small-group lunches and dinners with Loyola faculty and staff members.
By participating in the SFLC, the CSA hopes that students will be able to:
·         Identify the four steps of the Pedagogy of Justice.
·         Express an understanding of points of connections between service and a faith tradition.
·         Design a plan for continuing to engage in service, justice and faith activities on campus in their remaining Loyola experience.
For more information about Loyola’s Service and Faith Learning community contact the CSA or visit the Residence Life Learning Community website.