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Creative Standards

Creative Standards

Brand creative standards ensures our messaging and design visuals are consistent across all channels and platforms. These standards apply university-wide to all marketing and communication practices.

Large letter L and newspaper column text to represent Loyola University Chicago editorial creative standards.


We aim for authentic, compassionate stories that demonstrate Loyola’s positive impact in the world.

Loyola Chicago celebration with two women hugging in a crowd with confetti falling from the ceiling. A man in the background smiling, holding a drink.


We connect viewers to Loyola through emotive, experiential imagery that highlights real Loyolans in everyday life.

Bar chart showing growth and a circle chart, both using Loyola Chicago brand colors, to represent chart and graph creative guidelines.

Charts and Graphs

We use graphics to express simple trends and to compare data to each other or over time.

Illustrated map of the United States, using a mix of Loyola Chicago brand colors of gray and maroon, to represent map creative standards.


When locations are not widely known, use a map. It should be only as complicated as necessary.