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White line illustration of a rocket ship launching, against a maroon background, to represent Loyola University Chicago's brand strategy work.



A strong brand builds awareness and engagement that ultimately establishes trust and loyalty. It requires a clear mission, a consistent identity, a distinctive personality, and a collaborative culture, resulting in very real benefits — a richer educational experience available to an ever broader pool of students; insightful research that improves local communities; and a renewed spirit that inspires hope in the world. 

Expression: What we want others to hear

We need to be distinctive in an age where more content is being created and distributed than ever before. We want to convey Loyola’s values through personal, moving, inspiring, and unique stories and visuals that show our impact for good in the world. 

Loyola messaging is:

  • Unifying: We bring people closer. We work to make Loyola, our communities, and our world better places.
  • Bold: We are fearless advocates for good, willing to take risks to attain results that make a difference.
  • Compassionate: We put people at the center of everything as we strive to be men and women for and with others.
  • Receptive: We seek new and fresh ideas to grow and evolve in order to reach higher levels of success together.
  • Empowering: We inspire action by showing our community how they can change the world by supporting Loyola.
  • Purposeful: We speak directly and intentionally. We move forward, determined to achieve our goals.
  • Conversational: We’re approachable, personable, and, ultimately, human.  

Visual identity: What we want others to see 

Brand awareness begins with a recognizable look and feel. Does a person encountering a mailer, an ad, or a place know that it’s from Loyola University Chicago? The drumbeat of our core visual elements — color, typography, and logo usage — is essential.


University Marketing and Communication is responsible for establishing and maintaining Loyola’s brand — ranging from content creation and messaging to the brand identity system and application of trademarked licensing for all University logos and copyrighted marks. Please reach out to us if any question arises. 

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