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Our Personality

Our Personality

Loyola is distinctive. Though made up of a diverse group of smart people with differing opinions and voices, our aims and ambitions are aligned—and we work together to portray ourselves in direct and memorable ways through the interplay of words and visuals in all channels.

Loyola is...


Marketing is not journalism, but assertions and portrayals must be authentic and factual. Be decisive in the editing of content, visuals, and presentation. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression. Messages should make people stop and think about what they’re reading, hearing, and seeing.


Loyola is a great university. We express pride in the quality of our institution, but we don’t brag or diminish others. We want to present the facts and let the audiences draw their own conclusions. Be clear in presentation and make less mean more and focus on providing the most important information first. A muddled, multi-pronged, confusing message is a wasted opportunity.


Loyola maintains a vast repository of knowledge in so many fields, and it shares its information and resources as widely as possible. For students, it’s a holistic educational experience; for alumni, it’s a chance to stay connected and give back; for employees, it’s a rewarding career; and so on—illustrating the importance of identifying our intended audience and aligning a message with their needs.


The University makes a concrete difference in Chicago and the world. Generous, sharing, compelling stories help illuminate and persuade. Compelling content captures attention, stokes the imagination, and engages viewers to learn more. It is built upon concrete details with measurable goals.