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Authentic, emotive visuals communicate faster than words and in conjunction often are better hooks than headlines. When using visuals to cut through the clutter, don’t lose sight of what follows. It must make sense, communicate the brand, and deliver a positive message. Not only should the image grab attention, it should also reinforce the message. Single illustrations that dominate the page increase readership and aid comprehension. Multiple photos can work when carefully edited and intentionally displayed. Otherwise, undisciplined usage just adds noise.

Tips to avoid

  • Stock photos and clip art
  • Generic students smiling while studying
  • Showing the competition (there are exceptions here)
  • Visuals or headline not connected to the objective and/or supporting copy
  • School buildings as main focal point
  • Chicago skyline as focal image

Width: 1000 px
Height: 560 px


Width: 1800 px
Height: 735 px

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