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“Father Arnold Damen, S.J., an indefatigable man with a big vision, believed that the town of Chicago, emerging on the banks of the great Lake Michigan, would one day be home to a different kind of citizen." writes Loyola President Michael J. Garanzini, S.J., in Born in Chicago: A History of Chicago’s Jesuit University. "He sensed that the energy he found in the people who pioneered this new settlement would create something unique, and he knew they would need educational opportunities of a higher order to assist them. Father Damen started this University in fulfillment of the Jesuit intellectual mission so that the diverse talents of its community could be harnessed to benefit the city, the country, and the world.”

This site has been written to help us represent this institution and to serve this audience in the best manner possible in print, online, or with social media. In the way of Ignatius of Loyola, individual paths may be varied, but all Loyolans learn broadly, serve generously, and lead courageously. We share more experiences than less, and our future is integrally intertwined. It is our hope that the content that follows will help us create the foundation to speak with one voice.