Loyola University Chicago

University Marketing and Communication

Developing Your Social Media Strategy

Workshop these questions as a team.

  • Who is my target audience? 
    • e. Current students, prospective students, parents, alumni, media, faculty, staff
    • Differentiate your primary and secondary audiences.
  • What is my purpose on social media?
    • What do you hope to achieve on social media?
    • e. Increased awareness among specific audience, student prospecting or recruiting, event attendance, reputation, constituent affinity.
    • This will become the foundation of your strategy.
  • What resources (time, funds, technology, talents) can my department commit?
    • Do you have a staff member with time to devote to social media?
      • We recommend budgeting one hour per day.
      • Consider not only the posting schedule, but time to monitor and respond to your audience.
      • Set aside an hour a month to dive into the analytics on your channels, see what worked, and benchmark your successes.
    • Is your appointed staff member trained in communications and media?
      • If not, are professional development funds available?
      • Please connect with the UMC communications team for training and best practices.
    • Where will you source your content?
    • Do you have funds to commit to a social media management platform?
      • UMC uses Sprout Social, and seats are $150/user/month. Contact UMC to learn more about using Sprout.
      • If you will want to run contests or advertise campaigns, what is your budget?
  • What defines “success” in my social media efforts?
    • What are your key performance indicators (KPIs)?
      • UMC looks at channel reach, growth, engagement rate (engagements/impressions)
  • What channels should your department be on?
    • Consider these questions when deciding whether you should create a new social media channel:
      • What platforms does your target audience spend the most time on?
      • What is the strength of each platform?
      • What content do you have to share, and where will it best perform?
      • Is there an audience interested in this content on this platform?
      • Start small and sustainable, and scale in time as you grow your audience and flesh out your strategy.
    • Loyola departments and organizations interested in starting a new social media channel are encouraged to reach out to UMC. Our social media team can make strategic recommendations based on audience, content, goals, and resources.
    • Crawl, walk, run.