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June 25, 2014

St. Bernard Hospital records

Under a long-term agreement with the Religious Hospitallers of St. Joseph (RHSJ), Loyola's Archives & Special Collections will serve as the home for the historic records relating to the RHSJ community at St. Bernard Hospital, the historical records of the hospital, and the historica records of St. Bernard's School of Nursing. This agreement brings the historical relationship between Loyola and St. Bernard's full circle, as St. Bernard's School of Nursing was Loyola's first training school for nurses and the first directress of the School of Nursing, Sr. Helen Jarrell, RHSJ, was the director of St. Bernard's School of Nursing before starting the Nursing School at Loyola.

2011–2012 Acquisitions

Following are some of the collections received by Archives and Special Collections during 2011–2012:

  • Melville P. and Margaret H. Steinfels papers (75 lft)
  • R. A. Scotti papers (2.0 lft)
  • Health Sciences Library records (37.5 lft)
  • Suzanne Gossett papers (9 lft)
  • History of Medicine rare book collection (approximately 800 volumes)

2010–2011 Acquisitions

Among the papers and records received by the Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections during 2010–2011 are:

  • Dr. Thomas Sheehan papers (19 lft) relating to his tenure at Loyola
  • Dr. Rosemarie Parse papers (40.5 lft)
  • Dental School records (145.5 l ft)
  • Insull papers addition from Barbara Baynes Mahoney (3.0 lft)
  • Grollig papers addition from the Museum of Anthropology at the University of Michigan (1.0 lft)
  • School of Social Work records (18.5 lft)

Cuneo Museum and Gardens records

The Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections recently received approximately 390 linear feet of records from the Cuneo Museum and Gardens as part of the gift of the house and grounds to Loyola University Chicago. These records include blueprints of the house and grounds; construction records; Cuneo family and business records; and records regarding the transition of the house and grounds into a museum. The records will be open on a rolling basis as each part is processed.

Michalak Collection

The Loyola University Chicago Archives and Special Collections is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Michalak Collection, an outstanding collection of broadsides and rare volumes highlighting saitre and caricature in 19th century Britain. Thomas J. Michalak (BS '63) assembled this collection featuring the work of illustrators George Cruikshank, Robert Cruikshank, Thomas Rowlandson, and John Leech in works by William Harrison Ainsworth, William Combe, George Crukshank, Charles Dickens, Charles Lever, and William Makepiece Thackeray. The collection includes first editions of The Loving Ballad of Lord Batemen (1839) by Dickens and Thackeray; Dombey and Sons (1848) by Dickens; A Mand Made of Money (1849) by Douglas Jerrold; Tom Burke of "Ours" (1843–1844) in parts by Lever, and Plain or Ringlets? (1860) by Robert Smith Surtees. In addition, the collection includes runs of Ainsworth's magazine (1842–1846), Bentley's Miscellany (1837–1839), Douglas Jerrold's Shilling Magazine (1846–1848), The Illuminated Magazine (1843–1845), and Short Stories from Bentley (1837–1841). The broadsides highlight the work of George Cruikshank, including several of his famous Napoleonic caricatures, Isaac Cruikshank, and James Gillray. Thomas and Jo-Ann Michalak have also established an endowment for the Special Collections of the Loyola University Chicago Libraries as part of their gift.