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Tuition Benefits

Loyola University Chicago offers the privilege of tuition remission to full-time, benefits eligible employees, qualified retirees, and/or their spouses, legally domiciled adults and dependent children. This policy supersedes all previous tuition remission policies at University Lakeside and Health Sciences (Schools of Medicine & Nursing), and eligibility is contingent on compliance with the guidelines contained herein.

Academics and Admission at Loyola University Chicago

The Employee Tuition Benefit pays 100% of tuition for eligible employees taking undergraduate or eligible graduate courses. At no time will the Tuition Benefit apply to more than three courses per semester (9 semester hours) for undergraduate programs or two courses per quarter (8 quarter hours) for graduate programs. The School of Medicine, The School of Law, Continuum Program Non-Credit Courses, Executive Education Programs, Executive MBA cohort based program, ESL and any other program that is not conferred at Loyola University Chicago are not eligible for the Tuition Benefit. The Tuition Benefit cover all semesters including the J-Term and Summer Semesters as well as the Summers Scholars program for dependent high school students transitioning to college. Human Resources provides eligibility verification if needed the application of the Tuition Benefit is handled by the Financial Aid department. All fees related to tuition, co-pays, deposits are paid through the Bursars office.


Who is eligible to receive the Tuition Benefit:

In addition to the "full-time, benefits eligibility" and the service requirement, eligibility for Tuition Benefit is premised on the student's application and admission into the desired academic program. Admission into any academic program is never guaranteed and competition may be intense for a limited number of available openings. The application and admission processes with their stated requirements and requisite costs are the student's responsibility and must be completed before the employee, spouse, legally domiciled adult and/or dependent child is eligible for any Tuition Benefit. Employees who reach their one year anniversary after the semester or quarter has started they will be eligible to use the benefit for the following semester or quarter.

Students who are eligible and receiving an employee, spouse, legally domiciled adult or dependent child Tuition Benefit must remain in strict compliance with all academic, financial and financial aid policies and requirements, including but not limited to the satisfactory academic progress policy at: http://www.luc.edu/academics/catalog/undergrad/reg_academicstanding.shtml .  Failure to comply with stated policies and requirements will result in forfeiture of the Tuition Benefit for current or future terms. This benefit applies to tuition only. The employee is responsible for all fees (i.e., room, board, late fees, activity fees, online course fees, etc.). Payment must be made, in full or via acceptable payment arrangements made through the Bursar's Office, by the payment deadlines established by the Bursar for the term in question.


Receiving the Tuition Benefit Step-by-Step 

The Tuition Benefit process is completely automated as of October 2010. There is no form to complete in order to receive the Tuition Benefit for credit seeking students both employee and dependents. 

It it the responsibility of the employee and their dependents to verify and meet eligibility requirements prior to registering for courses at Loyola University Chicago if the goal is to receive the tuition benefit.  

Loyola University’s definition of dependent child, legally domiciled adult and spouse follows the guidelines set forth by the Internal Revenue Service, which would make a dependent child no longer eligible for the tuition benefit once they turn the age of 24 (http://www.irs.gov/uac/A-%E2%80%9CQualifying-Child%E2%80%9D).  

* The co-pay replaces all credit hour fees in the previous policy. Co-Pay for 2015-2016 has been updated.

updated 6.22.2015


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