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Service and Service Recognition


The Loyola community honors faculty and staff achieving milestones of service in increment of five years. In doing so, we recognize the valued contributions and commitment to service excellence provided over the years to our students, fellow faculty and staff, alumni and the University as a whole in preparing people to lead extraordinary lives.


All full-time faculty, as well as full and part-time regular staff (FTE of .50 or greater) achieving service in increments of five years during the fiscal year (July 1 through June 30) are honored for service.

Years of Service Definition

Loyola service is the length of continuous employment with the University or Health System from the most recent date of hire into a regular status position. A break in service occurs if an employee terminates employment (resigns or is discharged) or fails to return to work after a vacation, a leave of absence or family medical leave. Transferring between departments within the University, or between University and the Health System, does not affect date of hire for service recognition. Employees transferring from temporary to regular status will receive a new date of adjusted hire. Service that is interrupted by an approved leave of absence will be bridged. Service for employees whose positions are impacted by a reduction in force, but who are rehired within a one-year period, will also be bridged.

Annual Service Celebrations


Service Recognition Dinner

Eligible faculty and staff with twenty-five years or more, in increments of five years, are invited to attend a Service Recognition Dinner hosted by the President of the University, which coincides with the start of the academic year. Human Resources coordinates the invitation of guests. All eligible faculty and staff at Lakeside Campuses and Health Sciences Division (Stritch School of Medicine and Neihoff School of Nursing) are invited to this event.

Service Recognition Luncheon

Eligible faculty and staff with increments of five years, starting at five years, who are primarily located on the Lakeside Campuses are invited to a Service Recognition Luncheon which is held each spring. Eligible faculty and staff who work within the Health Sciences Division (Stritch School of Medicine and Niehoff School of Nursing), and who are primarily located at the Maywood campus, are honored and celebrate with those being recognized for service at Loyola University Health System, Maywood Campus.

Service Awards

Each spring, eligible faculty and staff who are primarily located at the Lakeside Campuses and are achieving ten or more years of service, in increments of five years, are invited to select a service recognition award in honor of their years of service.

The awards selection process takes place prior to the spring recognition luncheon and is prompted through notification sent to eligible faculty and staff from Human Resources and our service award vendor, O.C. Tanner.

Service Recognition Awards can be viewed at: http://www.luc.edu/awards

Personal access numbers are needed to place an order on this site. Access numbers will be provided to faculty and staff during a qualifying award year. Please contact your campus Human Resources Office with any questions.

Congratulations to those celebrating milestones in service!