Course Schedules

SCPS offers five 8-week sessions each academic year:

  • Two 8-week sessions during the 16-week fall semester
  • Two 8-week sessions during the 16-week spring semester
  • One 8-week session during the 12-week summer semester
    • In addition to the single 8-week session, the summer semester also includes two 6-week sessions

Fall and Spring 16-Week Semester

8 Week 1 8 Week 2
1 or 2 courses 1 or 2 courses
1 or 2 courses 1 or 2 courses

Summer 12-Week Semester

6 Week 1 6 Week 28 Week 1
1 course 1 course 1 or 2 courses

Understanding When Your Class Starts

Please understand that all classes start with the start of the 8-week session and not when the first meeting date is scheduled for the course. Any required meeting a class has, whether it is a synchronous meeting for an online class or an on-campus meeting, will be clearly listed within the course schedules linked below.

Course Schedules‌ (PDFs)

Paralegal Studies Schedules

Course Rotation Schedules

Please use the course rotation schedules below as a guide to plan out when you will take future classes. We will make every attempt to adhere to this schedule but please understand that scheduling is subject to change.

Course Rotation Schedule - Majors

Course Rotation Schedule - Certificates

Course Rotation Schedule - School Requirements

Course Rotation Schedule - Core

Course Rotation Schedule - Graduate Programs

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