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Dr. James M. Calcagno

Department of Anthropology
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Chicago, Illinois 60660
Telephone: 773.508.3472
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E-mail: jcalcag@luc.edu

Dr. Calcagno is a biological anthropologist with research and teaching interests in paleoanthropology, dental anthropology, primate behavioral ecology, and evolutionary anthropology. He has conducted research in Denmark, England, Italy, Kenya, South Africa, and Uganda, as well as closer to home in Chicago.  He is an advocate of four-field anthropology and holistic, biocultural approaches to the study of humanity.

Dr. Calcagno is also the Director of the Loyola Fellowship Office, focusing on increasing the number and success rate of applications of Loyola students for prestigious national awards, such as those listed at: http://www.luc.edu/fellowshipoffice/.

Current Research Activities

Dr. Calcagno’s most recent research interests pertain to perhaps the most fundamental question of anthropology: What makes us human?  His most recent work, published in Evolutionary Anthropology, investigates the integration of evolutionary perspectives and biocultural approaches toward a better understanding of human natures and human cultures, and examines what evolutionary anthropologists can offer those outside of anthropology who are also interested in what makes us human.

Selected Publications Reflecting Research Interests and Undergraduate* Co-Authorship

2012    What Makes Us Human?: Answers from Evolutionary Anthropology.  (Co-authored with A. Fuentes, and contributions by many others).  Evolutionary Anthropology, 21: 182-194. pdf

2011    And Thanks for Asking!: Some Answers to “What Makes Us Human?” from Biological Anthropology.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 144 (Suppl. 52): 101.

2010    Monogamy and Sexual Diversity in Primates: Can Evolutionary Biology Contribute to Christian Social Ethics?  In: God, Science, Sex, Gender: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Christian Ethics.  University of Illinois Press, pp. 155-166.

2009    Evolution, culture, and the role of biological anthropology.  American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 138 (Suppl. 48): 145.

2003    Keeping Biological Anthropology in Anthropology, and Anthropology in Biology.  American Anthropologist, 105(1):6-15. (Guest editor of Special AA Issue) pdf‌‎

2002    Longitudinal study of delayed reproductive success in a pair of white-cheeked gibbons (Hylobates leucogenys).  (Co-authored with K Lukas, RT Barkauskas, SA Maher*, BA Jacobs, JE Bauman, & AJ Henderson)  Zoo Biology, 21:413-434.

1999    Social interactions between captive adult male and infant lowland gorillas: Implications regarding kin selection and zoo management. (Co-authored with AE Enciso* & KC Gold) Zoo Biology, 18: 53-62.

1996    Spatial and behavioral use of an outdoor habitat by the white-cheeked gibbon (Hylobates leucogenys). (Co-authored with CS Klein*, KC Gold, & M Gies), 1996 Regional Conference Proceedings of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, pp. 628-632.

1995     Environmental enrichment effects of bedding material on nonsocial and abnormal behavior of captive gorillas (Gorilla gorilla gorilla).  (Co-authored with DL Brown*, KC Gold, & SD Thompson)  1995 Regional Conference Proceedings of the American Zoo and Aquarium Association, pp. 29-35.

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1989     Mechanisms of Human Dental Reduction: A Case Study from Post‑Pleistocene Nubia. Lawrence: University of Kansas Publications in Anthropology, Volume 18.

1988     Human dental reduction: Natural selection or the probable mutation effect?  (Co-authored with KR Gibson)  American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 77:505-517. pdf‌‎

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1981     On the applicability of sexing human skeletal material by discriminant function analysis.  Journal of Human Evolution, 10: 189‑198.